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A Way Of

Providing Ventilation

October 31-November 12, 2020

Windsor, Connecticut 

Windsor Art Center 

A Way Of Providing Ventilation is a multidisciplinary project examining the history and architecture of the tobacco sheds in Windsor, Connecticut. The project is formed around a series of ten charcoal drawings, created by Adam Lenz while in residence at the Windsor Art Center. The drawings abstractly reflect on the landscape, architecture, and imagined airflow patterns of the regional tobacco sheds and are intended to serve as graphic scores - documents that incorporate graphics as a means of conveying musical directions in lieu of standardized Western musical notation. The drawings were interpreted by multi-instrumentalist and improviser Zach Rowden, forming the basis of a multi-channel sound installation. The project was presented in Fall 2020 during an exhibition produced by Sleeping Gnome. A recording will be released in late 2021.  

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