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Haim Avitsur / 


Studio D

October 6, 2021

West Hartford, Connecicut

Lincoln Theater

University of Hartford

The Hartt School 

presented as part of the 

Hartt 100 Celebration

Haim Avitsur, trombonist

works by: June Violet Aino, Josh Baerwald, Spencer Bambrick, Eliza Gelinas, Joe Hayes, and Huining Xue


In recognition of the Hartt 100 Celebration, we have facilitated a collaborative composition project between trombonist Haim Avitsur and Studio D, The Hartt School’s electronic composition lab. Through the project, six Hartt students developed new works for trombone with both fixed-media and live electronics. Project participants were involved in a series of composition workshops and received direct mentorship across the development period. The finished works will received their world premiere in October 2021. 

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